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Back to Clifton Adult School!!

For the 9th year in a row, Continental has been asked to teach Salsa and Wedding Day Dancing at Clifton High School's evening program. For this spring session, over 75 people showed up for the 2 Salsa classes, Salsa for Singles taught by Andrew, and Salsa for couples, instructed by Felicia. The turnout for Felicia's Wedding Day Dancing was great too, with 15 couples!!! If you'd like to join the classes, it's not too late!!

Please contact the Clifton Adult School or speak to Felicia directly. Classes are Thursday nights, 7-8pm for the Salsa, followed by Wedding Day Dancing at 8-9pm. Hope to see you there!

The In Style Network,Who's Wedding is it Anyway!
Televised this month!


Chilton Memorial Performance was awesome,
checkout the video and pics coming soon!


Felicia Lee Banks teaching Salsa to a class of adults
in the gym at Montclair High School.

Front Page STAR LEDGER 11/18/99,
Salsa in the Suburbs

"Go get a guy! Go get a guy! Go get a guy! Go get a guy!" The voice of dance instructor Felicia Lee Banks, Director of Continental Dance Club -- who is wearing spike heels and a short blue velvet dress -- bounces crazily off the walls of the Montclair High School gym as she exhorts her female students to grab a partner for the start of the class.
Latest Dance Craze Spices Up An Adult School In Montclair

11/18/99 By Amy Ellis Nutt

"Go get a guy! Go get a guy! Go get a guy! Go get a guy!" Arranged in a long, untidy line behind her are 61 women, ages 16-65, dressed in jeans or skirts and turtleneck sweaters, eager to learn but shy. In front of her is a much shorter line of 18 men, most of them 35-55 -- in wingtips and loafers. And at least a half dozen of them, still dressed in their business suits, starched shirts and understated ties, have raced straight from work to this suburban high school gym for one reason only: to learn how to move their hips just like Ricky Martin. To learn how to salsa, that is. Salsa, as everyone must know by now, is the latest dance craze in a long line of dance crazes stretching back through the Hustle and the Electric Slide, to the Twist, the Jitterbug and the Lindy. One part mambo, two parts seduction, salsa's steamy Latin rhythms originated in Cuba (although other countries, such as Venezuela, and cities, such as New York, claim salsa as their own). With the popularity of Puerto Rican performer Ricky Martin -- whose song "Livin' La Vida Loca" was a huge crossover hit earlier this year -- it's not surprising even in suburban New Jersey to find an over-subscribed salsa class. The fall catalog of The Adult School of Montclair includes courses in bridge, fencing, and how to read the Wall Street Journal. The catalog was spiced up with a salsa class when a member of the executive board of The Adult School read an article about Banks. Six months later, salsa appeared in the school's brochure for the first time, quickly becoming one of its biggest draws. "We couldn't believe the number of calls we got," said Lisa Redburn, executive director of The Adult School of Montclair. "We had 65 sign up, and we considered the possibility of splitting the class into two sessions." Even Banks, an instructor at the Continental Dance Club in Bloomfield who was approached by The Adult School in the spring, never figured on nearly seven dozen students. "It's the biggest class I've ever had," said Banks, who has been giving dance lessons for nearly two decades. "But you know, I always knew there were people doing salsa all over, even in Montclair, but I was pleasantly surprised." As it turned out, Banks didn't have to divide the class into two sessions. Instead, she simply exhorted her students through a tiny microphone attached to her dress. Still, instead of the expected 65 students who had registered, 79 showed, and no one was turned away from the five-week course (which cost $35). Though women far outnumbered men in the class, many of them came with a husband or boyfriend -- a few of whom looked about as pleased to be there as at a dentist's office. At the far end of the gym, one young married couple was clearly experiencing a difference in level of enthusiasm. The husband, in suit and tie, was too embarrassed to let his name or photo be used in the paper -- he didn't want his friends and colleagues to know where he had been -- and he was making it pretty clear to everyone. "I prefer not to be interviewed on the subject," he said when asked why he was taking salsa lessons. His wife, Margie, who smiled and laughed even as she practically dragged her husband around the floor, filled in the blanks. "I used to live in Mexico," she said, "and we'd always go to this one club that had live salsa music every night. I loved it, the rhythm, the way you move. It's sexy. And when I came back I wanted to take lessons, and I wanted my husband to learn, too, so three years later, we're finally here." Steve Siklosi was there, alone. A single, 40-year-old salesman from Passaic, Siklosi was hoping the salsa class might be a whole lot more useful -- and more fun -- than the ballroom dancing class he took years ago. "I like to go out to clubs," he said, "and salsa is romantic, seductive. It's touch dancing ... Plus, you never know who you might meet here." Natalia Lachman and Adam Wasko, 16 and 17 years old, respectively, are students in Montclair. "We're both interested in dance," Natalia said, "and we were thinking we would maybe just go to a party and show off our new moves for fun." Adam, dressed in khaki cargo pants and sneakers, is part of the "music crowd" at school -- he plays the saxophone -- and started listening to salsa music this past summer. "I like Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin," he said in answer to a question, then added, "I feel so stupid. That makes me sound like such a teenager," momentarily forgetting that in fact he was one. "But I really do like this music," he said. "It's flavorful." Natalia added: "The beat pulls you in and you just want to dance." Chris Conroy really wants to dance, and it's not coming very easy. The class is coming to a close, and the balding accountant still has his suit jacket on, still has his tie cinched up to his Adam's apple -- and is still looking at his feet, trying to get the steps down. "Mambo No. 5," the latest Latin crossover hit by Lou Bega, is blaring from Bank's portable CD player as the students try to put their new-found moves to work in one final dance before the end of the class. Conroy, however, is too distracted by his feet to find his partner -- his wife Bonnie -- and so is just soloing to the beat. His hands hang like corn stalks at his side while he mouths the beat of the music to himself -- 1 2 3, 1 2 3 -- over and over. He is a cheerful and assiduous student, if a not particularly talented one. When he's supposed to turn 360 degrees, he only gets halfway, and his hips appear to be cemented in place. But he keeps trying. "My wife said she was going to take this salsa class," says Conroy, taking a quick break, "and she asked me if I wanted to come along. I said 'That's great. I need help with my dancing.'" Conroy is still working his feet as the class winds up and Banks shouts some final encouragement for next week, and as the salsa students file out of the gym, Conroy lingers just for a moment, staring at his feet, then hip-hops toward the door. © 1999 The Star-Ledger. Used with permission.

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