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Argentine Tango private Group Classes Lessons Instruction Dance Dancing Southern Central Northern NJ New Jersey
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We are a NJ dance studio committed to serving the communities in Southern, Central,
and Northern New Jersey and the tri-state area for over 50 years.

Our goals are to to introduce the beauty of Argentine Tango dancing and music through private classes and group Instruction at our dance studio in Bloomfield, NJ.

Try our Introductory dance classes, (3) private 1/2 hour lessons
for $ 75.00 per person or per couple.

Private Tango lessons are available 7 days a week - Partners not necessaary.

Tonight, Embrace Her With a Gift Certificates
Make the lessons EXtra special, bring a bottle of wine and flowers.

Argentine Tango pure Beginer, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
Make your tango even more intresting with Soltadas, Volcadas, Colgadas and more.

Argentine Tango Group Dance Classes Lessons Instruction NJ Studios

Broadcasting beautiful Tango music 24/7

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How does Tango make you Feel, no other dance compares!
The connection, movements, music, the Heartbeat of the Milonga!

This is how to dance the tango! Feel the blood Rise to your face With every beat; While an arm Winds like a snake Around a waist That is about to break. This is how to dance the tango! From "This is How to Dance the Tango" 1942 Words by "Marval" (Elizardo Martinez Vilas); Music by Elias Randal Argentine Tango Salon Vals Milonga dance lessons classes instruction NJ at our Studios "The tango is man and woman in search of each other. It is the search for an embrace, a way to be together, when the man feels that he is a male and the woman feels that she is a female, without machismo. She likes to be led; he likes to lead. Disagreements may occur later or they may not. When that moment comes, it is important to have a positive and productive dialogue, fifty-fifty. The music arouses and torments, the dance is the coupling of two people defenseless against the world and powerless to change things. This is the best definition of the tango as a dance, I think"

--Juan Carlos Copes, choreographer and dancer

Sexy, promiscuous, and predatory the tango is a dance of sensual exchange. Its couplings and isolations are a portrayal of life’s inherent feelings translated into prescribed motions. No other dance so challenges the long standing etiquette of gender relations. The key to the tango’s physicality is the interlace of legs and the balancing of bodies as they collide. The supposedly salacious dovetailing of the dancer’s legs makes the two figures mutually dependent and interactive throughout the dance. Tango can be merry and playful, or sinister and foreboding. The light and dark aspects of dance have been thoroughly lubricated and twisted into a powerful, passionate expression.

The Magic of Tango

Come and Tango with me here...

Steve Weisberg and Felicia Lee Banks Performers Entertainers Argentine Tango Salsa Ballroom Lessons Private Corporate Parties Functions Entertainment NJ
Felicia and Steve

Milongas Argentine Tango Dance Lessons Classes Seminars group Instruction Studios NJ

There is nothing as Passionate ............Tango !
Argentine Tango Dance Studios Instruction NJ Close Embrace Dancing Private Group Classes Lessons Passion Latin
Carola y Luis Fernando

The Dance and The Music of Tango can not be matched.

Central Park is a beautiful place to Tango.

Argentine Tango Dance lessons classes instruction at our studios NJ Essex Union Middelsex Passaic Bergen County New Jersey

Much more coming soon...

Performers Entertainers Corporate Private Parties Events Tango salsa Ballroom Dance Lessons Instruction NJ Hat pulled down
cigarette dangling
Silver screen remembered
Warner wolf cartoon.

Dark magnet
I accept without hesitation
The chance to fill my heart
when I give my hand to you.

For this dance is the tango
and in your powerful embrace
We are carnal gears that press and mesh
a sensual sculpture brought to life.

and more .........
Dark eyes, white collar
quick like the glint of a sequin across a half lit ballroom
You catch my attention
I will join your constellation
In the night sky

Romantic creatures
that swirl and crawl
the polished floor
We hold each other like
Weave through this tarantula playground
where the dancers all tango
mysterious as the beautiful life
at the bottom of the sea.

Nice work... Elaine

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Contact Us
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Located at:
330 Glenwood Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003, USA
Corner of Bloomfield Avenue & Broad Street
Exit 148 (Bloomfield) off the GSP
Phone: (973) 743 - 5124
Fax: (973) 743 - 5125

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