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Continental Dance Club
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Live Student Testimonials

Some of the reasons our Students have come to us.

Why Dance? You Ask Yourself
  • Become someone you’ve always wanted to be – gain confidence, poise; be the life of the party.
  • Never have to sit again.
  • Great way to meet people and travel UNESCORTED – with a group, nightclubbing in a friendly, save environment.
  • Keeps you in shape / exercise.
  • Enhance, brush-up, and add to your "regular" repertoire.
  • Learn to dance your first dance at your wedding.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and tension. Better than therapy !
  • Improves your posture, and self-esteem.
  • Gives you social mobility for business or personal reasons.
  • Just thinking about the fun of dancing gives you a natural "high".
  • Express yourself physically.
  • Share a common interest with others.
  • It beats going to the gym !
  • An excuse to dress and impress.
  • Never be lonely again – Make new friends.
  • Great for your physical and mental health.
  • Be able to dance at parties and clubs.
  • A place to go for fun – our dance socials, EVERY WEDNESDAY !
  • No need to be intimidated; remember everyone was once a beginner.
  • You won’t wait until the 5th. Martini to dance.
  • Step into a new adventure.
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Contact Us
Contact Us
by e-mail and Keep on Dancin'

Located at:
330 Glenwood Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003, USA
On the corner of Bloomfield Avenue, directly across from PNC Bank.
Exit 148 (Bloomfield) only 2 blocks off the Garden State Parkway
Phone: (973) 743 - 5124
Fax: (973) 743 - 5125

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